Registration and Credentialing Artisans

We continue with this activity in order to keep up the register available to the Institute of Artisan Michoacan, also update information regarding new craftsmen, artisans craft industry, community, product, etc. Having a record of artisans which seeks to form a database that will serve as an element of planning for the development of craft programs by the State Government.


  • Being more active Michoacan old craftsman.
  • Submit written request of an individual or group.
  • Official identification of the applicant and CURP.
  • Photography workshop and product produced.
  • Proof of address.
  • Proof of roots in the town of at least two years, issued by the local authority.
  • Having part of the craftsman recognition as a representative of organized group of artisans or the local authority.
  • Filled and signed registration form and badging.
  • In case of renewal of credential, present the expired credential.

Cost: Free

Answer time:
1-10 days community
1-3 days in office care.

Get document:
Credential that identifies the person as Michoacan craftsman and registration number of the database.

Cases where should or procedure or service may be done:
All Michoacan craftsman who meets the requirements.


Support Branch Arts and Craft Sector
01 (443) 317-2581
Monday through Friday from 8:00 to 15:00 hrs.
Antonio Alzate 929, Col. Centro, CP 58000, Morelia, Michoacan.